Community Design Workshop Opening Presentation

We hope you were able to join us for the Musqueam Community Design Workshop’s Opening Presentation.

There was a lot of information covered as we reviewed the past few months’ work. More importantly, we discussed the upcoming week’s worth of opportunities for you to participate.

If you would like to review the slides from the presentation last night, please see below.

Full Presentation Here (large file)

Full Presentation in chapters and sections:


For the next four days, you have an entire team of planners, engineers, designers, and architects working and drawing for you and with you. 

You can stop by and see the team’s work, share your ideas, or ask questions. You can also come to the Community Open House on Saturday to share your opinions on the future development of Musqueam Reserve IR2. (sign up here)

Stay Informed About the MIB Master Plan!

Keep up to date on how YOU can participate in the future planning of our Musqueam Reserve #2.