Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Musqueam Community Design Workshop? 

The Musqueam Community Design Workshop is a six-day, highly focused, collaborative design session. During this time, the consultant team will be working daily at Musqueam Reserve #2, developing different Master Plan design options based on community input and feedback. 

This workshop-style format allows the consultant team to interact with the community in real-time while the Master Plan is developed. In effect, the community and the consultants design the Master Plan together over an entire week. 

As a reminder, Musqueam Band Members and their families (both Musqueam band and Musqueam non-band members of their family) are welcome to participate in the Community Design Workshop, as the IR2 Master Plan will impact the future of the entire Musqueam community. 


Why is Musqueam developing a Master Plan for Musqueam Reserve #2?

The 2018 Community Comprehensive Plan (CCP) identifies a clear need for additional on-reserve housing for Musqueam Band members. In addition, the CCP outlines other priorities for the development of Musqueam Reserve #2, such as elder housing, improved healthcare, and financial self-sufficiency. The Master Plan builds on this work by providing a detailed plan for the housing, development, sustainability, and protection of your land for generations now and in the future. 


Why do you design different Master Plan options? 

Our goal through this process is to offer the community options and choices for your Master Plan. Creating different plan options gives the community several alternatives and helps the planners and residents visualize various options for their future. 

Community members will have different opinions about types of housing and amenities and where they will want to see them placed on IR2.  Our role is to listen to those ideas and draw those different options, so that you can evaluate them and choose which ideas most resonate with you.  

What happens during the workshop meetings & events?

These workshop meetings and events are an opportunity to sq̓əq̓ip – to gather together and share our ideas, listen to each other and learn from each other. 

The presentations are a time for the consultant team to share their research, plans, and ideas and hear the community’s input, questions, suggestions, and feedback. These are focused on the overall Master Plan as a whole.

Topic meetings focus on a handful of particular subjects, and while they tend to be more of a conversation, they will each begin with a brief presentation. Topic meetings can be technical in nature, but many of the topics touch on important issues for the community at large, such as sustainability, heritage, cultural sites, and community services. 

Throughout the entire week, members of the consultant team will also be designing the Master Plan options and adjusting their plans based on the feedback from the community and the known technical constraints of the site. You can even come by the Community Centre and watch the team at work, ask them questions, or make suggestions of your own. Click here to learn more about the schedule of events.

How can community members participate in the workshop?

There are many ways and times you can participate and share your ideas during the Community Design Workshop. Here’s how:  

  • Sign up to the Open House and Community Lunch on Saturday, June 18, to view the Master Plan options and share your thoughts directly with the consultant team.
  • Attend the Opening Presentation and Dinner to learn about the work done to date and what will happen during the workshop week. 
  • Participate in the topic meetings to share your opinion and knowledge about specific parts of the Master Plan.
  • Stop by the Open Design studio time, where you can watch the design team in action, ask questions, and share ideas directly with the design team.
  • Fill out the Master Plan survey to share your opinion on important aspects of the plan.
  • Watch the opening and open house presentations online either on the live stream, or our website.
  • Ask a question, share a suggestion, or get more information on our website, email, or private Facebook group.

Will there be childcare provided during the workshop meetings?

Yes, child minding will be available in the Youth Centre during the Opening Presentation, as well as at the Saturday Open House. Contact the team to arrange childcare outside of these times.

The Youth Centre is open weekdays from 2pm-9pm for kids 7 and up.

Please let our team know if you need child minding for children under 7, so we know to ensure little ones get the attention they need.

What if I can’t participate in all the workshop events?

We understand that a 6-day workshop is hard to attend every day. For community members with limited availability, the consultant team recommends these activities: 

  • If you can only attend one thing, choose the Saturday Open House and Lunch. This event will show the preliminary Master Plan options for the community to consider and evaluate.
  • All the presentations will be viewable online as a live stream during the presentation, or as a recorded video following the presentation.
  • Stop by anytime during the open studio times for a quick review of what the consultant team is working on. You can share your ideas directly with the design team.
  • Sign up for email alerts and be sure to take any of the surveys that we send out.


What happens after the workshop week is over? 

Following the workshop, the consultant team will begin taking the Master Plan options, typically based on the one or two most popular with the community, and design those in more detail. In addition, the plans will be turned into development guidelines and land use specifications. 

Once this technical piece is finished, the community and MIB Admin will begin the process of formally adopting the plan. Upon adoption, the community can begin to implement the project through development, sustainability, and other initiatives. 

Have another question? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll answer it right away!  

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