What’s Next for The IR2 Master Plan?

hay ce:p q̓ə to everyone who participated in the Community Design Workshop earlier this summer (June 13-18, 2022) for the Musqueam Village (IR2) Plan.  This update for the community about the Musqueam Village (IR2) Plan includes: Summary of the Community Design Workshop (below) Visual report – with maps, drawings, and possible plans for IR2 (link here) […]

Community Design Workshop Closing Presentation

hay ce:p q̓ə to everyone who came out on Saturday for the Community Lunch and Open House.  The design team presented the results from he six-day workshop of listening to you, designing your ideas, hearing your feedback, and adjusting the plans as you recommended.  This presentation covered a LOT of information. You can view the […]

Community Design Workshop Opening Presentation

We hope you were able to join us for the Musqueam Community Design Workshop’s Opening Presentation. There was a lot of information covered as we reviewed the past few months’ work. More importantly, we discussed the upcoming week’s worth of opportunities for you to participate. If you would like to review the slides from the […]

A Message from Chief Wayne Sparrow

Click below to see a special message from Chief Wayne Sparrow about the upcoming Community Design Workshop for Musqueam Reserve.   https://vimeo.com/718907566

What Is It, Exactly?

What exactly is a Community Design Workshop? What happens? Why should you sign up? Get the answers below! What exactly is a Community Design Workshop? The Musqueam Community Design Workshop, which you may hear called a “charrette,” is a six-day, community-driven design workshop.  What makes this engagement different is that the design team is actually […]

You Asked, We Answered!

Over the past several weeks, many of you filled out the Design Survey and shared questions you had about the MIB Master Plan.  We’ve done our best to try and answer those questions below!   Are you sticking to the housing list? How many homes will be going up? How long would the second reserve […]

Ideas for the Future of Musqueam Village? Let’s Hear from our Youth!

The MIB Master Plan for Musqueam Reserve is a guiding document for the future of housing, sustainability, and preservation of our land. Who better to include in thinking about the future of our community than our youth? The Creative Kids Challenge is a way for Musqueam youth to share their own ideas, hopes, and dreams […]

Design Workshop Schedule Released…Again!

Despite a few delays, the Musqueam Reserve Master Plan is still on track!  From June 13-18, 2022, the MIB Master Plan consultant team will be working, designing, and planning with the community and for the community.  The above schedule outlines the workshop events, which will take place at the Musqueam Cultural Centre.  During this exciting […]

Design Workshop Postponed

  We are saddened to hear the news of a community member passing away. On behalf of the entire MIB Master Plan team, we send our condolences to the family and friends of the late loved one. Out of respect for the family and community in light of this loss, we will be postponing the […]