Community Design Workshop Survey

Through the Master Plan process, MIB is committed to developing Musqueam Reserve #2 to meet the needs of the community now and into the future. 

However, meeting the community’s needs will mean balancing sometimes competing priorities. It is important to consider these priorities and the trade-offs they represent. Some examples to consider as you fill out this survey: 

The community needs economic development to support programs, services, and facilities. This revenue can also move the community closer to self-sufficiency. 

However, that positive economic benefit must also be balanced with the need to be good stewards of the land, protect the environment, and uphold Musqueam values. 

Large areas of the reserve are environmentally sensitive, which could create challenges for using that land for housing Musqueam families today and in the future.

Finally, much of Musqueam Reserve #2 is leased and unavailable to develop for years or decades. This means there is less overall space to address all of the above priorities in the near term.

Please consider these challenges – and opportunities – as you thoughtfully answer the questions below. 

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