Consultant Team

Master Plan & Community Engagement

DPZ is the project lead and will also be leading the design of the master plan through a collaborative process, called a Charrette. The Musqueam people are invited to contribute to the design, with their thoughts, ideas, and knowledge of culture, history, and the site. The master plan will be informed by the host of consultants that will contribute through their expertise, resulting in a physical design that will guide the future growth of the Musqueam Reserve #2.

Marina Khoury

Partner in ChargeDPZ CoDesign

Mike Weich

Senior Project ManagerDPZ CoDesign

Travis Peterson

Impact Campaigns

Matthew Lambert

Partner / Senior DesignerDPZ CoDesign

Chris Ritter

Senior Designer / IllustratorDPZ CoDesign

Andrejs Galeniaks

DesignerDPZ CoDesign

Ruthzaly Weich

Senior Designer

Architecture & Sustainability

Perkins&Will will be working in collaboration with DPZ on the development of the master plan for the IR2 lands. Our focus will be to lead the discussions and development of architectural design guidelines for future buildings on the IR2 site, and to lead the development of an overall and wholistic approach to sustainability for the IR2 site, which includes aspects of energy use, Living Design, and resilience.

Peter Busby

Global Design PrincipalPerkins + Will

Brent Welty

Project Lead – ArchitecturePerkins + Will

Kathy Wardle

Principal & Project Lead – SustainabilityPerkins + Will

Long Dinh

Urban DesignerPerkins + Will

Civil Engineering

Colleen OToole

Project ManagerKerr Wood Leidal

Colin Kristiansen

Technical ReviewerKerr Wood Leidal

Mike Dickens

Senior AdvisorKerr Wood Leidal

Crystal Campbell

Senior Advisor – Rainwater ManagementKerr Wood Leidal

Caroline Charbonneau

Rainwater Management EngineerKerr Wood Leidal

Kris Sundberg

Civil DesignerKerr Wood Leidal


Ian Collings

Principal Environmental ConsultantTeranis

Neale Hunt

Senior Environmental ChemistTeranis

Alison Kwan

BiologistDiamond Head

Aubrey Butcher

Restoration BiologistDiamond Head

Cassandra Cummings

Biologist / PlannerDiamond Head

Michael Coulthard

Senior Forester / BiologistDiamond Head


Chris Walker

Landscape Design / GISPartnership Landscape Architects

Jergus Oprsal

Project ManagerPartnership Landscape Architects

Miriam Berndt

Landscape DesignPartnership Landscape Architects

Sophie MacNeill

SustainabilityPartnership Landscape Architects

Transportation Engineering

Christephen Cheng

Principal / Engineering LeadBunt & Associates

Erin Tattrie

Transportation TechnologistBunt & Associates

Paul Dorby

Senior Transportation PlannerBunt & Associates