IR 2 Project Team

Master Plan & Community Engagement

Marina Khoury


Mike Weich

Senior Project Manager

Travis Peterson

Community Engagement

Matthew Lambert

Partner / Senior Designer

Chris Ritter

Senior Designer / Illustrator

Andrejs Galeniaks


Ruthzaly Weich

Senior Designer

Architecture & Sustainability

Peter Busby

Global Design Principal

Brent Welty

Project Lead – Architecture

Kathy Wardle

Principal/Project Lead - Sustainability

Long Dinh

Urban Designer

Civil Engineering

Colleen O'Toole

Project Manager

Colin Kristiansen

Technical Reviewer

Mike Dickens

Senior Advisor

Crystal Campbell

Sr Advisor – Rainwater Management

Caroline Charbonneau

Rainwater Management Engineer

Kris Sundberg

Civil Designer


Ian Collings

Principal Environmental Consultant

Neale Hunt

Senior Environmental Chemist

Alison Kwan


Aubrey Butcher

Restoration Biologist

Cassandra Cummings

Biologist / Planner

Michael Coulthard

Senior Forester / Biologist


Chris Walker

Landscape Design / GIS

Derek Lee

Project Lead

Jergus Oprsal

Project Manager

Miriam Berndt

Landscape Design

Sophie MacNeill


Transportation Engineering

Christophen Cheng

Principal / Transportation Lead

Erin Tattrie

Transportation Technologist

Paul Dorby

Senior Transportation Planner
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